(b)     The name "City of Berea" is hereby inserted in any and all blank spaces provided in the Regional Dwelling House Code for the name of the municipality adopting such Code.


     (c)     Where the term "Municipality" is used in the Regional Dwelling House Code, such term shall be deemed to refer to the City of Berea.


     (d)     When the term "Board of Building Code Appeals" is used in the Regional Dwelling House Code, such term shall refer to the Planning Commission of the City of Berea.

(Ord. 1967-112.  Passed 12-18-67.)


     One copy of the Regional Dwelling House Code, Copyright 1966 by the Cuyahoga County Regional Planning Commission, shall be filed as a part of the City ordinance records, and is incorporated herein by reference.

(Ord. 1967-112.  Passed 12-18-67.)


     The publication of this chapter shall clearly identify the Code adopted hereby, shall state the purpose of the Code, shall state that a complete copy of such Code is on file with the Clerk of Council for inspection by the public and also on file in the Cuyahoga County Law Library, and that the Clerk of Council has copies available for distribution to the public at cost, and shall set forth the text or a brief summary of the amendments to such Code as set forth in Section 1301.02.

(Ord. 1967-112.  Passed 12-18-67.)

1308.05  CONFLICT.

     In the event of conflict between any provision of the Regional Dwelling House Code and any provision of any other City ordinance or technical code adopted by the City, the more restrictive provision shall govern.

(Ord. 1982-41.  Passed 5-3-82.)